SEBI Registered Investment Advisers
Robo Powered
Goal-driven Investments
  • Why ManageMyFortune?

    You can choose between a Human or a Robo Advisor (computer algorithm) depending on your personal preference.

  • Why ManageMyFortune?

    Investor will have ability to customize investment portfolio recommended by the Advisor.

  • Why ManageMyFortune?

    Receive customized investment advice matching your financials, future goals and aspirations.

  • Why ManageMyFortune?

    Invest across a diverse basket of investment options including Equities, Mutual Funds, ETFs, debt, etc.

  • Why ManageMyFortune?

    Save and invest for big and small milestones in life like your first home, child’s education or annual vacations.

  • Why ManageMyFortune?

    Your money stays with our partner broker Geojit Financial Services Ltd - India's leading retail financial services company behind bank grade security.

  • Why ManageMyFortune?

    Log in to your account anytime, from anywhere and view or manage your funds.

Here’s how it works:

Find a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor or a Robo Advisor
Get customised investment advice
Trade and Track your investments
Pay performance based fee to the advisor
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Get a free financial plan

Analyze your income and expenditure
Visualize your future Goals and Aspirations
Perform what-if analysis on various investment scenarios

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