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  1. Investments in securities are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantees that the objectives of any of the schemes will be achieved. The Website and any other constituents of the Website including but not limited to Investment Advisors, do not offer any guaranteed or indicative returns through the Services provided by the Website. The past performance of the Mutual Funds, Shares, Portfolio Manager is not indicative of the future performance. There is no assurance that past performances indicated with respect to Services will be repeated. The names of the Funds, Portfolio, Schemes/option do not in any manner indicate their prospects or returns. The valuation of your investments may fluctuate due to market volatility in the equity and bond markets, fluctuations in interest rates, prevailing political and economic environment, changes in government policy, factors specific to the issuer of the securities, tax laws, liquidity of the underlying instruments, settlement periods, trading volumes. The investments made are subject to external risks such as war, natural calamities, and policy changes of local/International markets which affect stock markets. The investment objective, investment strategy and the asset allocation may differ from client to client based on risk appetite and financial position.
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